The US Ratification of Paris Protocol Puts Donald Trump on Focus

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The image of the US President Barrack Obama and his host, Chinese President Xi Jinping forwarding their ratification of the Paris climate change agreement in Hangzhou is a complex mix for Donald Trump. Through a joint ratification with China, it means a great step towards reason and no doubt a new order. Where does Donald Trump who has openly shown hostility to China and strongly condemned any drive to cut emissions leave him?

A voice of reason that could hurt trump’s image

Was this ratification timed to work against Trump? Over the years, China and The US (largest greenhouse emitters) have been criticized for not ratifying protocols that commit them to cutting emissions. Think of it this way. Many islands such as Maldives, Bahamas, and Marshals that do not contribute any significant greenhouse gasses suffer more from the rising sea levels. By ratifying the protocol that commits the US to cut the 2005 emission levels by about 26% to 28%, Democrats will be airing a voice of reason. Why should others suffer because of a problem they are never part of?

The islands that are top destinations for many Americans could hit Trump very hard by being interpreted that he does not mean good for others. Well, while the US is no doubt the undoubted power to reckon with, this status can only be maintained by ensuring that all subjects are safe, democratic, and progressive. It cannot be achieved by ‘supervising’ the end of other nations.

The ratification of the Paris Protocol an embarrassment to Trump presidency

While Trump is openly indicating that he would write off the ratification, the process is not as easy. Once a country ratifies it, the process of withdrawal is lengthy and illustrious. For example, withdrawal cannot be initiated before three years. Even after the three years are over, another more year will be needed to follow the necessary procedures. This means that it could spill over to the subsequent presidency.

For Donald Trump, the best option will be simply ignoring the protocol because it does not attract any penalties. However, this could place the nation at a tight corner because it will not be possible to press other countries to enforce conservation and other pollution related efforts.

A new dawn for the US and China

While Donald Trump wants to present and associate all negative economic issues in the US to China, the deep notion that both countries are strongly bound together reflects a new dawn. However, the reality is that many American firms prefer taking their industries away because of operations dynamics and production economics. Democrats are now waiting to point an accusing finger at Trump and say, judge who has been telling the truth.

The Hangzhou ratification would easily appeal to non-decided voters and extend the lead of Hilary Clinton. Many undecided voters are likely to sway towards Clinton’s side as Democrats prove that she always had the American people at heart and will go to great lengths to ensure to make the world a better place.


The unfolding of new events especially the ratification Paris Protocol on climate change appear to dent Donald Trump campaigns greatly and could cause him further embarrassment if he goes ahead to win the presidency. Remember that you can learn more about the latest about the US presidential content, sell your products, and even blog as much as you want by getting a WordPress website design. You can get more about the US and global politics, analyze them, and become a top influencer using various WordPress and other apps or plugins.