Should the British government reduce benefits?

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock recently, you will know that the British government are thinking about reducing benefits. Those who are entitled to Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits could soon see their benefits dramatically reduced.

While this reduction won’t hurt everyone badly, it will hurt some people, especially families with young children. So do I think the British government should reduce benefits? I don’t, and here’s why:

They bailed out bankers

Remember when the banks needed a boat load of cash? The government was more than happy to bail them out. Banks and bankers have a lot of money rolling around, and I think they could have managed pretty much OK without much help. It seems that the government is absolutely OK to bail out the banks, so I wonder what was in it for them.

They are not poor

Those who work for the government, particularly well-known MP’s are not poor, yet they are the people who have decided to take money away from those who really need it. How is that fair? My tweet to Cameron that they should reduce MP’s wages instead of Tax credits was ignored, but I think I had a valid point. Why take money from the poor to help this nation, when those who have a lot of money, get a lot of expenses paid for and often have 2 homes, should be the ones to suffer?

More people will be without

If benefits are reduced as much as they say they are going to be reduced then let’s face it. More people are going to be without. We’re already seeing food banks becoming increasingly busy, and we’re already seeing more people struggling to make ends meet. I’m afraid that benefit cuts will make matters a lot worse.

Less cash = less spending

The government are always harping on about how the economy needs to grow, but how can it? Less cash will mean less spending, so how are we going to see economic improvement? I know that bargain stores and sites such as offer great deals, which is where a lot of people will probably spend what money they have, but it’s still going to be tight.

What should the government do

My advice is that the government should get the cash they want from elsewhere. Tax the wealthy, get rid of the subsidised bar in the house of commons. Get rid of the expenses that ministers can claim for. Lower MP’s wages by just 10% and I guarantee it will make a difference. There are an awful lot of places that the government could get the money from, but they have decided to get it from the most needy, and that’s simply unfair.

Those who receive benefits are no doubt hugely grateful for every penny they get, but what will they do when times are so tough they have to go hungry? What will the government do then? I tell you what they will do, they will sit in their suits, drinking expensive bottled water, after having a buffet lunch, and think about how glad they are they’re not trying to make ends meet.