Obama Comes Out Smarter As He Cancels Meeting with Philippine President

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What do you make of a President who hauls insults and dictates what you must say? The Philippine president hauled insults, ‘Putang ina’ meaning ‘son of a whore’ or ‘son of a bitch’ a day before the Tuesday meeting prompting President Obama to cancel the meeting. However, it is the Obama’s reaction that has made him come out as a gentleman, a diplomat, and relentless fighter for human rights.

Insults taken too far! Was it all necessary?

In his words, President Rodrigo threatened to curse Obama, if he dared raise the issues that had bedeviled the country for many years. In a hostile manner, the Philippine president insisted that Philippine “is a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony.” While this is no doubt a fact, it does not give leeway for abuse of human rights. The Philippine president demonstrates his radical approach to addressing issues that risk more isolation from the global community.

Therefore, were the insults necessary? Since He took office, President Rodrigo administration has seen over 2000 drug dealers killed which have attracted worldwide condemnation. This is a clear demonstration that all the speculations that President Rodrigo was at the center of the extra-judicial killings.

The US-Philippine relations

In his attack, the Philippine president appeared to forget the close relationship that the country has had with the US for many years. On January 2015, the US government pledged to fund the Philippine government basic education program to a tune of $12.9 million for a period of 5 years. Besides, the US was considering Philippine as a critical ally and raised military aid in 2015. This was seen as a new way of budding US presence, monitoring, and impact on the emerging troublesome East China Sea Islands.

This cold-war type of tension between China and Japan has made the US maintain a continued presence with two aircraft carriers in the sea. Because of the conflict, the US has been looking for appropriate neighboring allies and Philippines had come in handy. This is a serious issue that could have great implications for the entire world and the US is not letting go.

Obama’s response leaves him stronger

In his response, President Obama demonstrated his gentleman ship and indeed referred to President Rodrigo as a colorful guy. Well, all the issues that Philippine president wanted to be avoided have gotten even more publicity. Every media is now following the drug problem and extrajudicial killings in Philippine.

In his response, Obama achieved three things; One, he highlighted the dangerous problem of drugs and extra-judicial killings in the country. Two, the reaction by the Philippine president puts him at the center of the problem. Three, by using the most gentlemanly words and insisting connection to Philippine, he demonstrated the need for the rule of law and human rights protection at all times.

The US president appears relentless in calling for the rule of law and focused on the mutual relationship between Philippine and the US. The relationship helps to promote faster economic, social, and political growth at all times. For example, good policies have helped to create more jobs and young people are sure of securing good jobs after training. Visit top job agencies or use their job finder website for placement in various vacancies across the nation.