What Early Voting Means For Donald Trump Presidential Bid

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Donald Trump’s model of campaign, radical proposals and scathing attack on the democratic candidate has served as a double-edged sword for him. Many people including those in the Republican Party camp have expressed their reservations about Trump’s personality and how his presidency would be. However, it is his advisors who keep telling him that there is ample time before elections that might lead to his downfall.

Voting starts early for decided voters

While Trump keeps battling most of the things he says in public from linking the white house to ISIS, building a wall between the US and Mexico, and re-ignition of Cold War style of operations, the voting session is even nearer. For example, Minnesota commences voting as early as 23rd September while others allow mail voting by November 8th. The early votes are very critical for any presidential candidate because they build on your strength.

A closer look at the 2012 campaigns reveals that early votes in Nevada and Iowa put President Obama right ahead of his opponent. With approximately 30% of the US casting their votes before the Election Day, Trump must refocus his efforts to get as many votes on his side as possible.

Donald Trump Opponent Is Utilizing His weakness

In politics, you must put the best foot forward in strategizing and understand that everything translates to numbers. While Trump keeps working on strategies to revitalize his image, her opponent has found the missing link and is using all efforts to get as many early votes as possible. With this in her side, she can them mobilize all her resources and party support to get the ultimate success.

In her camp, Mrs. Clinton has marshaled all her staff to ensure that the infrastructure for early voters is ready. Because many early voters are usually older and prefer to visit polling stations or cast absentee votes via mail, Clinton’s focus on persuading church goers to cast their votes could propel her far beyond Trump.

Anticipation that mammoth rallies will translate to votes might not work

Every time that Trump pulls a rally, it is enormous. However, it has emerged that some of the people who turn out in his rallies are not registered voters. During the Republic primaries, a significant portion of attendants were not registered voters. This could lead to a false start and loss with a great margin.

When compared with the previous campaigns by John McCain and Mitt Romney, Trump’s campaign is less aggressive. His ads on television are late compared to those of Clinton and the main energy appears focused on attacking the opponent. On her side, Clinton has pooled together the team that propelled Obama to win twice which appear strategic and working from strength to another.


Presidential elections in the US are tricky and need a focused team that has both short term and long term contingency plans. As a voter, the best thing is following the candidates and identifying the person with a good premise for the United States. You must take care of yourself, be analytical, stay healthy, and use the best shaver guide to identify the ideal one for healthier you. Also, do regular exercises and keep reading reviews to pick the best candidate.