Obama Comes Out Smarter As He Cancels Meeting with Philippine President

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What do you make of a President who hauls insults and dictates what you must say? The Philippine president hauled insults, ‘Putang ina’ meaning ‘son of a whore’ or ‘son of a bitch’ a day before the Tuesday meeting prompting President Obama to cancel the meeting. However, it is the Obama’s reaction that has made him come out as a gentleman, a diplomat, and relentless fighter for human rights.

Insults taken too far! Was it all necessary?

In his words, President Rodrigo threatened to curse Obama, if he dared raise the issues that had bedeviled the country for many years. In a hostile manner, the Philippine president insisted that Philippine “is a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony.” While this is no doubt a fact, it does not give leeway for abuse of human rights. The Philippine president demonstrates his radical approach to addressing issues that risk more isolation from the global community.

Therefore, were the insults necessary? Since He took office, President Rodrigo administration has seen over 2000 drug dealers killed which have attracted worldwide condemnation. This is a clear demonstration that all the speculations that President Rodrigo was at the center of the extra-judicial killings.

The US-Philippine relations

In his attack, the Philippine president appeared to forget the close relationship that the country has had with the US for many years. On January 2015, the US government pledged to fund the Philippine government basic education program to a tune of $12.9 million for a period of 5 years. Besides, the US was considering Philippine as a critical ally and raised military aid in 2015. This was seen as a new way of budding US presence, monitoring, and impact on the emerging troublesome East China Sea Islands.

This cold-war type of tension between China and Japan has made the US maintain a continued presence with two aircraft carriers in the sea. Because of the conflict, the US has been looking for appropriate neighboring allies and Philippines had come in handy. This is a serious issue that could have great implications for the entire world and the US is not letting go.

Obama’s response leaves him stronger

In his response, President Obama demonstrated his gentleman ship and indeed referred to President Rodrigo as a colorful guy. Well, all the issues that Philippine president wanted to be avoided have gotten even more publicity. Every media is now following the drug problem and extrajudicial killings in Philippine.

In his response, Obama achieved three things; One, he highlighted the dangerous problem of drugs and extra-judicial killings in the country. Two, the reaction by the Philippine president puts him at the center of the problem. Three, by using the most gentlemanly words and insisting connection to Philippine, he demonstrated the need for the rule of law and human rights protection at all times.

The US president appears relentless in calling for the rule of law and focused on the mutual relationship between Philippine and the US. The relationship helps to promote faster economic, social, and political growth at all times. For example, good policies have helped to create more jobs and young people are sure of securing good jobs after training. Visit top job agencies or use their job finder website for placement in various vacancies across the nation.

The US Ratification of Paris Protocol Puts Donald Trump on Focus

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The image of the US President Barrack Obama and his host, Chinese President Xi Jinping forwarding their ratification of the Paris climate change agreement in Hangzhou is a complex mix for Donald Trump. Through a joint ratification with China, it means a great step towards reason and no doubt a new order. Where does Donald Trump who has openly shown hostility to China and strongly condemned any drive to cut emissions leave him?

A voice of reason that could hurt trump’s image

Was this ratification timed to work against Trump? Over the years, China and The US (largest greenhouse emitters) have been criticized for not ratifying protocols that commit them to cutting emissions. Think of it this way. Many islands such as Maldives, Bahamas, and Marshals that do not contribute any significant greenhouse gasses suffer more from the rising sea levels. By ratifying the protocol that commits the US to cut the 2005 emission levels by about 26% to 28%, Democrats will be airing a voice of reason. Why should others suffer because of a problem they are never part of?

The islands that are top destinations for many Americans could hit Trump very hard by being interpreted that he does not mean good for others. Well, while the US is no doubt the undoubted power to reckon with, this status can only be maintained by ensuring that all subjects are safe, democratic, and progressive. It cannot be achieved by ‘supervising’ the end of other nations.

The ratification of the Paris Protocol an embarrassment to Trump presidency

While Trump is openly indicating that he would write off the ratification, the process is not as easy. Once a country ratifies it, the process of withdrawal is lengthy and illustrious. For example, withdrawal cannot be initiated before three years. Even after the three years are over, another more year will be needed to follow the necessary procedures. This means that it could spill over to the subsequent presidency.

For Donald Trump, the best option will be simply ignoring the protocol because it does not attract any penalties. However, this could place the nation at a tight corner because it will not be possible to press other countries to enforce conservation and other pollution related efforts.

A new dawn for the US and China

While Donald Trump wants to present and associate all negative economic issues in the US to China, the deep notion that both countries are strongly bound together reflects a new dawn. However, the reality is that many American firms prefer taking their industries away because of operations dynamics and production economics. Democrats are now waiting to point an accusing finger at Trump and say, judge who has been telling the truth.

The Hangzhou ratification would easily appeal to non-decided voters and extend the lead of Hilary Clinton. Many undecided voters are likely to sway towards Clinton’s side as Democrats prove that she always had the American people at heart and will go to great lengths to ensure to make the world a better place.


The unfolding of new events especially the ratification Paris Protocol on climate change appear to dent Donald Trump campaigns greatly and could cause him further embarrassment if he goes ahead to win the presidency. Remember that you can learn more about the latest about the US presidential content, sell your products, and even blog as much as you want by getting a WordPress website design. You can get more about the US and global politics, analyze them, and become a top influencer using various WordPress and other apps or plugins.

What Early Voting Means For Donald Trump Presidential Bid

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Donald Trump’s model of campaign, radical proposals and scathing attack on the democratic candidate has served as a double-edged sword for him. Many people including those in the Republican Party camp have expressed their reservations about Trump’s personality and how his presidency would be. However, it is his advisors who keep telling him that there is ample time before elections that might lead to his downfall.

Voting starts early for decided voters

While Trump keeps battling most of the things he says in public from linking the white house to ISIS, building a wall between the US and Mexico, and re-ignition of Cold War style of operations, the voting session is even nearer. For example, Minnesota commences voting as early as 23rd September while others allow mail voting by November 8th. The early votes are very critical for any presidential candidate because they build on your strength.

A closer look at the 2012 campaigns reveals that early votes in Nevada and Iowa put President Obama right ahead of his opponent. With approximately 30% of the US casting their votes before the Election Day, Trump must refocus his efforts to get as many votes on his side as possible.

Donald Trump Opponent Is Utilizing His weakness

In politics, you must put the best foot forward in strategizing and understand that everything translates to numbers. While Trump keeps working on strategies to revitalize his image, her opponent has found the missing link and is using all efforts to get as many early votes as possible. With this in her side, she can them mobilize all her resources and party support to get the ultimate success.

In her camp, Mrs. Clinton has marshaled all her staff to ensure that the infrastructure for early voters is ready. Because many early voters are usually older and prefer to visit polling stations or cast absentee votes via mail, Clinton’s focus on persuading church goers to cast their votes could propel her far beyond Trump.

Anticipation that mammoth rallies will translate to votes might not work

Every time that Trump pulls a rally, it is enormous. However, it has emerged that some of the people who turn out in his rallies are not registered voters. During the Republic primaries, a significant portion of attendants were not registered voters. This could lead to a false start and loss with a great margin.

When compared with the previous campaigns by John McCain and Mitt Romney, Trump’s campaign is less aggressive. His ads on television are late compared to those of Clinton and the main energy appears focused on attacking the opponent. On her side, Clinton has pooled together the team that propelled Obama to win twice which appear strategic and working from strength to another.


Presidential elections in the US are tricky and need a focused team that has both short term and long term contingency plans. As a voter, the best thing is following the candidates and identifying the person with a good premise for the United States. You must take care of yourself, be analytical, stay healthy, and use the best shaver guide to identify the ideal one for healthier you. Also, do regular exercises and keep reading reviews to pick the best candidate.

What qualities should you look for in a Roofing Contractor for Industrial Site?

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Choosing the right roofing contractor for industrial site that you want him to work on is a tough job. If you hire the wrong contractor, be ready to put up with shoddy jobs. An unqualified and inexperienced contractor is bad news for the stability of the roof on the industrial building. The wrong contractor would force you to spend more on having the job redone to the right standards. For these reasons and more, what qualities should you look for in the contractor?


An experienced contractor is an asset. Without the right kind of experience, the home could soon lose its value. Whether you plan to sell or continue staying in the home is immaterial. What you should focus on is ensuring that all its features are intact to avoid more damages and risk s to life. To determine experience, you would have to find out the number of years the business has operated and offered roofing services in commercial or industrial buildings.


A well-trained roofing contractor is a knowledgeable professional. Training gives the contractor the ideas he needs to solve a roofing problem. Confirm that the training the contractor has received has to do with roofs. Training makes the contractor a specialist in roofing problems and solutions. Training makes the contractor effective at determining the cause of roofing problems with little difficulty.


At times, you might have to hire the contractor specifically to clean the roof. In such cases, it pays to ask the contractor about the cleaning methods or techniques that he uses. Some contractors prefer pressure-washing techniques. Such a technique isn’t a bad idea if it involves slow pressure. Anything other than slow pressure could damage the roof, thus forcing you to incur further expenses to repair or replace it.

Customer Feedback

A good roofing contractor isn’t afraid to provide feedback to customers who need specific information about their roofs. More importantly, a good contractor doesn’t ignore the feedback that customers give him. He responds to concerns and complaints that customers make on time. He’s not rude but friendly to his customers. You can check if the contractor has such solid reputation by confirming with other customers whom he served in the past.


A good roofing contractor for industrial site has all the tools and equipment needed to do a marvelous job. The choice of tools that the contractor needs depends on the problem that your roof has. Some of the tools include caulking guns, brooms, roofing nailers, portable heaters, putty knives, rollers, rivets and driver bits among others. A good contractor knows the tools to carry for a specific task.

Follow this guideline to have an easier time choosing the best roofing contractor for industrial site. Choosing well saves you from wasting money, time and resources on a contractor who can’t do anything. It’s wise to evaluate the contractor’s track record too. Nonetheless, if you focus on his experience, training, techniques, customer service and tools, your chances of hiring the best roofing contractor for industrial site will have improved significantly.

What are the basics of disposing Business Waste UK?

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It’s common for businesses to produce wastes. How a business handles the waste proves whether it values protecting and preserving the environment. Some waste disposal or management solutions are ideal for specific types of businesses. Your business has to identify the solution that’s most effective for it. The best solutions depend on what is suitable for your business. More importantly, understand the following basics about business waste UK:

Solid Waste

What does your business do with the huge pile of solid waste within the premises? Hiring a firm that is experienced in business waste UK is the best course of action to take in such a situation. The solutions for handling solid wastes differ from one business or organization to the next. The waste disposal firm has to evaluate your business and the premises on which it operates from before determining the best solution for handling the solid wastes.

The best solutions often require providing the premises with either small or large containers for the solid waste. Here, you have the option of choosing between 2-yard and 10-yard containers. The 2-yard container is for small businesses. The 2-yard containers come in different types of designs that include flattop or slanted top. The 10-yard container can have either an industrial rectangle or industrial curve.

Electronics Recycling

The firm that recycles electronics as part of commercial waste disposal must be reliable and flexible. A proper mechanism for handling electronics that a business no longer uses is crucial. The electronics in question include telephones, computers and televisions. The disposal of electronics has to be done responsibly to protect the environment from the harm that it can suffer because of reckless waste management.

The safety of the business guides the company that seeks to recycle electronics instead of disposing them everywhere and anyhow. For the most part, more than 85 percent of all the electronics are likely to end up at the local incinerators or landfills. Proper recycling of the electronics is great news for the planet. Storage facilities are responsible for holding millions of tons of electronics that are no longer useful.

Dumpster Rental

A commercial entity can either rent or buy a dumpster for exclusive use within its premises. A business that has no money to buy the dumpster outright ought to consider renting this piece of equipment. The dumpster is useful when remodeling the offices. It’s also useful for all types of landscaping projects. A dumpster is a wonderful piece of equipment worth having when removing large items from your premises.

Lastly, special and hazardous waste both need unique business waste UK services. Special waste is often from gaseous, semi solid, liquid and solid materials. Asbestos and contaminated soils are also part of special waste that needs proper tools and experience to dispose. Hazardous wastes include some of the most basic chemicals that you use in the office or factory. Such types of waste need specialized handling and disposal.

Therefore, use the information appearing above to learn how to call a company that specializes in business waste in the United Kingdom without further ado. In the United Kingdom, the law has stipulated the right ways of disposing or managing commercial waste. You have to dispose such waste properly by following the laid down procedures. To avoid making mistakes in this area, you should get in touch with business waste UK right away.

Tips for holding a political conference

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The prospect of holding a conference may seem like a daunting one, but there are a few tips and tricks that can make your life easier. You don’t have to hold a conference and be completely in the dark about it, there is advice out there. In fact, I have some pieces of advice for you right here.

Read on for more information about how to hold a political conference:

Find a suitable location

This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. If you expect there to be a large number of visitors, then you will need to ensure that the location/venue in question can cope. You may need to look for extra seating, if there isn’t enough at your desired venue. Places like http://www.seatingconcepts.com/ may be able to help. You should also make sure that the location has enough wash rooms, a big enough parking lot, and some place for visitors to get refreshments.

Get your staff ready

Now it’s time for you to decide who is going to be at the conference with you. You need more than just a speaker or two, you will need people to work on the sound, security, and other aspects. Once you’ve chosen your staff, you will need to speak to them about their roles, and what is expected of them

Choose the conference name etc.

Your conference will need to have a name, it will need to be advertised, and it will need to sell tickets. You will also need to decide what the conference is about, and what topics you’ll cover. You may also want to get in touch with the press too, as they can help to advertise the conference, and they may also want to attend.

Work out your expenses

You and your team will need to sit down and work out your expenses. You will have to cover the cost of hiring the venue, hiring a team of staff, and any other expenses that holding a conference may bring. There will be expenses you’ve not thought of, including insurance, and the cost of hiring other speakers.

Will you feed the visitors?

Although you may have planned to hold conference in a venue that has a restaurant, you may want to think about feeding your visitors. Knowing that they are going to get a free meal, will entice more people to come. You should be able to get a good deal with the caterers, and you can even charge a bit more for tickets too. People like to get things for free, or at least think they’re getting something for free.

Realize that conferences are expensive

Conferences are expensive, they are not a means for you to make a lot of cash. Chances are you won’t make much money, if any at all. You should not hold a conference in order to make cash, but if you are promoting a business, holding political talks, or promoting a specific way of life, you may find that the money reaches you from other sources (Book sales etc.).

As you can see, there is a lot to plan and prepare for when you’re thinking of holding a conference. The best thing you can do is to plan, and then keep planning. Ensure that you know what you’re doing every step of the way, and this will reduce the likelihood of something going wrong.

Our ancestors were also migrants

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A lot of people seem to be unhappy about the fact that some migrants are coming to this country. They don’t seem to want the government to help people who have been through the worst experiences imaginable. It seems that the thought of having more migrants in this country makes them angry, but I think it all boils down to fear.

Many people are afraid of the unknown, they are afraid of those who come from different walks of life, perhaps worship a different god, and eat different foods. The fact of the matter is that if you were born and raised in the UK, then your ancestors were also migrants. The UK is a diverse place, and it is one that is made up of millions of people whose ancestors came from elsewhere.

Born and raised in the UK

Let’s take me as an example. I was born and raised in the UK, so were my parents, and so were their parents. You could be mistaken for thinking then that as someone who ticks the ‘White British’ box on some forms, that my ancestors always lived here. But, this is not the case at all, and I’ll tell you why. My Great great grandmother on my mother’s side came from France, she was a Huguenot, and she came to London to escape persecution. My Great grandfather on my father’s side came from America, but we do not yet know where his parents were originally from.

As you can see, I am not 100% British, in fact none of us are, as the UK is made up of people whose ancestors came from all over the world. If this is the case, shouldn’t it then be ok for us to welcome more migrants into the country? Yes, it should be the case, because if it was alright for our ancestors to come here, then it’s ok for someone else’s to come here too.

Contributing towards the economy

hen migrants live in another country, they help to contribute towards the economy. They work, very few of them claim benefits (Despite what the media may tell you), and they spend a lot of their money here. Getting jobs paying companies such as http://leafieldprojects.co.uk/ to help them set up their businesses, buying cars, doing their grocery shops, etc. all contribute to the UK economy.

Fearing change

As I mentioned before, a lot of people fear change, they want things to stay the same because it makes them feel safe. The trouble is that if things stayed the same, they would become stagnant and boring, and who is to say that we shouldn’t help someone who has been through a tough time. Migrants are people too, they are people who want a better life for themselves, and who can blame them?

If you’re still unsure as to whether you think we should let migrants into the UK, let me ask you a question: If you had the money to retire in another country, would you? You probably would. Thousands of Brits leave the UK for good and set up home in a different country, so why shouldn’t people from other countries be able to do the same?

Will the law protect you in the event of an accident?

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From time to time we hear about an accident that someone has had, whether it was in the workplace, on the way home or elsewhere. Occasionally we may hear about a claim made in the event of an accident and sometimes we hear that the law has also got involved.

But will the law protect you in the event of an accident? Will it help you to put right the wrongs that have been done against you?

The fact of the matter is that it all depends on the accident in question, who was to blame and whether there’s any evidence of negligence. I’m no law expert, but what I can tell you is that an expert such as Adame Garza will know a lot more about it than I will. A lawyer who specializes in accidents will be able to tell you what you’re entitled to, what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again, and where you can get help from.

Sometimes you just have to accept that accidents happen, unless of course someone is badly injured or killed. Sometimes accidents are no-one’s fault, sometimes they are everyone’s fault.

I didn’t have the right equipment

When I badly burnt my right arm in my old place of work, I was told that I should have been wearing more protective equipment. The trouble was that my old place of work had not supplied me with such equipment, which meant that it was their fault.Learning this, I was able to take them to court, and sue the company, but before I did, they offered me a nice sum of money that kept them out of court.

The lawyer that worked with me on the case made me understand how and why my old place of work were at fault, and how I could bring up a case against them. He also told me that I should make the company an offer for an out of court settlement. I did, and because the business didn’t want to be taken to court, and because they didn’t want the bad press, then the were more than happy to pay up.

Work with a lawyer who knows

In some cases, the law will protect you in the event of an accident, but you will have to speak to someone in the know first. Make sure you have all of the facts about the accident to hand, and speak to a lawyer who can help you.

The sale of wonky vegetables

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If you’ve been watching television lately, or you’ve read newspapers too, you will have seen a lot of talk about wonky vegetables. Wonky vegetables are basically any kind of vegetable, but they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as some. As the name suggests, the vegetables may be a little wonky, but they may also be too long, too short, or perhaps too wide.

The trouble with wonky vegetables is, well, nothing at all. They taste exactly the same as regular vegetables, and they can be used in exactly the same way. The problems lie with the supermarkets however, who refuse to sell them.

Now, you would think that they would be more than happy to sell us consumers vegetables that look slightly odd, but the fact is, they’re not. Shops often say that customers refuse to buy wonky vegetables, because they go for the nicest looking and freshest produce first.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of people really are more than happy to buy wonky vegetables. There have been many different surveys taking place, and they have all come up with results that most of us would expect. People are more than happy to buy wonky vegetables.

So what’s the issue?

The trouble is that supermarkets just don’t want to sell wonky vegetables, and this means that they refuse to buy it from the farmers who supply them. You may not realise what the issue with this is, but the fact of the matter is, that a lot of food is simply going to waste, because wonky vegetables grow naturally, and farmers end up with tons of wonky vegetable every year, that they simply cannot sell. Huge piles of food go to waste, piles of perfectly good food that most people would be willing to buy.

When farmers grow vegetables, they do so, knowing that they will get paid for the produce that the supermarkets want. When they grow wonky vegetables, they aren’t getting reimbursed for them. This means that they aren’t being paid as much money as they need in order to keep the farm running smoothly. So not only is a lot of perfectly good food going to waste, but farmers are suffering too, and that could spell trouble for everyone.

How do we resolve this?

The fact is that a lot of people are happy to pay less for a wide range of products. We don’t want to rely on supermarkets, selling us produce at a specific price. We buy other products from elsewhere, as they can be so much cheaper. Style That Hair promotes cheaper hair products, other comparison websites promote cheaper insurance, or even cheaper food. We can spend our money elsewhere, in a bid to get the supermarkets to listen, but we can also make them understand that we are happy to buy wonky vegetables, as it doesn’t really matter what they look like.

The supermarkets will only listen when we the consumers, start to take action. Living as we do, in a country where many people are struggling to put food on the table, it’s almost criminal to throw wonky vegetables away, just because of how they look.

It’s time to buy those wonky carrots, funny shaped turnips and small potatoes, and it’s time to say ȐNoȑ to food waste.

Should the British government reduce benefits?

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock recently, you will know that the British government are thinking about reducing benefits. Those who are entitled to Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits could soon see their benefits dramatically reduced.

While this reduction won’t hurt everyone badly, it will hurt some people, especially families with young children. So do I think the British government should reduce benefits? I don’t, and here’s why:

They bailed out bankers

Remember when the banks needed a boat load of cash? The government was more than happy to bail them out. Banks and bankers have a lot of money rolling around, and I think they could have managed pretty much OK without much help. It seems that the government is absolutely OK to bail out the banks, so I wonder what was in it for them.

They are not poor

Those who work for the government, particularly well-known MP’s are not poor, yet they are the people who have decided to take money away from those who really need it. How is that fair? My tweet to Cameron that they should reduce MP’s wages instead of Tax credits was ignored, but I think I had a valid point. Why take money from the poor to help this nation, when those who have a lot of money, get a lot of expenses paid for and often have 2 homes, should be the ones to suffer?

More people will be without

If benefits are reduced as much as they say they are going to be reduced then let’s face it. More people are going to be without. We’re already seeing food banks becoming increasingly busy, and we’re already seeing more people struggling to make ends meet. I’m afraid that benefit cuts will make matters a lot worse.

Less cash = less spending

The government are always harping on about how the economy needs to grow, but how can it? Less cash will mean less spending, so how are we going to see economic improvement? I know that bargain stores and sites such as thebestkitchenknives.co.uk offer great deals, which is where a lot of people will probably spend what money they have, but it’s still going to be tight.

What should the government do

My advice is that the government should get the cash they want from elsewhere. Tax the wealthy, get rid of the subsidised bar in the house of commons. Get rid of the expenses that ministers can claim for. Lower MP’s wages by just 10% and I guarantee it will make a difference. There are an awful lot of places that the government could get the money from, but they have decided to get it from the most needy, and that’s simply unfair.

Those who receive benefits are no doubt hugely grateful for every penny they get, but what will they do when times are so tough they have to go hungry? What will the government do then? I tell you what they will do, they will sit in their suits, drinking expensive bottled water, after having a buffet lunch, and think about how glad they are they’re not trying to make ends meet.